About Us

Realm Inc. is India’s premier distributor for High Performance Outdoor Goods, Running Accessories and Cycling Accessories. Our aim is to provide a launchpad to brands that have tremendous potential to tap into segments of the consumer market that are currently in their nascent stage but are growing at a very rapid pace.

Alongside being a National Level Distributor, we have evolved into a Distributor cum Retailer of mid and high end Outdoor Gear & Equipment, Running Accessories and Cycling Accessories with a long term goal of operating multiple super specialty stores for performance gear & accessories.

We envision to bring the entire Indian Subcontinent (Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka) under our REALM; through sub-distribution & e-commerce channels, thus laying the foundation of a true multinational distribution company.

We are the face of multiple heritage brands in India and thus take our responsibility very seriously. Click on a brand logo of your choice below to view & purchase all respective products.

CamelBak (inventor of hands-free hydration)
Castelli (introduced the first aerodynamic Lycra® shorts used in cycle racing and sold to the public)
Bell is both the first name in speed and the first name in helmets
CEP Compression (a division of Medi - the inventor of seamless, highly elastic compression stocking with uncovered weft thread)
Superfeet (launched the industry's first trim-to-fit shoe insole)
Hornit - World's loudest cycle horn
Planet Bike - High quality bicycle accessories
Tifosi Optics - High Quality Sport Optics for Cycling, Running, Outdoor Sports, Golf, Tennis and Baseball.
Footpetals - Foot Petals offers more than 20 varieties of solution oriented leg and footwear products for women. In addition to cushioning and comforting your feet, Foot Petals cushions help keep feet properly positioned, prevents calluses and protect bones and tissue.